Fiber art by Laura Raappana

I´m a self taught fiber artist living in Kokkola, Finland. Northern nature and natural textures inspire me. In my work, I explore my own roots and continue the handicraft tradition of the women of my family. 

Find me on Instagram: @ateljeepikkusisko

My work

Saaressa (2020)

Runo (2020)

Salainen puutarha (2020)

Primadonna (2020)

Hetki yössä (2021)

Najadi (2020)

Persephone (2020)

Merenneito (2021)

Taikurin yllätys (2021)

Jubilee (2021)

Tsekkoslovakiassa (2021)

Lumous (2021)

Pythian näky (2021)

What I do

I do mainly embroidery. Linen is always my go-to base fabric and I use every kind of yarn, pearls and pieces of fabric for crafting tiny magical landscapes. I love to upcycle materials from clothes and use leftover yarn in my work.


Salainen puutarha (2021)

- Hetki yössä (Available)
- Jubilee (Available)
- Merenneito (Sold)
- Taikurin yllätys (Sold)
- Tsekkosslovakiassa (Available)
- Lumous (Available)

Nostalgia (2020)

- Runo (Sold)
- Pieni runo (Sold)
- Salainen puutarha (Sold)
- Primadonna (Sold)
- Saaressa (Sold)

Other (2019-2022)

- Najadi (Sold)
- Pythian näky (Sold)

Contact me

e-mail: hei.pikkusisko(at)
Instagram: @ateljeepikkusisko
WA: +358 44 236 6192